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[PREMIERING 6/23, 10:30AM ET] Former TOPGUN Commander Explains the Total War Threats of Russia and China

The international adversaries the United States faces haven’t changed much since the Cold War. While the technology has evolved, the unconventional war tactics they use have remained largely the same. Now, as Russia threatens war beyond Ukraine, Iran and North Korea renew their threats; and as the Chinese regime threatens Taiwan, the United States is again faced with the possibility of war.

Yet, all of these nations have employed methods of war by other means. And the question remains of how the United States should respond. Special training programs in the U.S. military practice to face these types of threats—and among them is the Navy’s Fighter Weapons School, known as TOPGUN.

To learn more, we speak with James Robb, former TOPGUN commander, retired Navy admiral, and president of the National Training and Simulation Association.

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